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Muistikirjasta löytyy vielä helmiä, joihin kuuluu
Know the difference between wasting time and enjoying time.
Tämä pitäisi aktiivisesti muistaa.
Changing or renaming a task can make a difference in the way we carry out that activity.
Hmmm... jos keksisi testatuskeissin....
The more expert you are at a task, the longer it often takes, simply because you know how to usefully spend more time at the task.
Valitettavaa (tavallaan), mutta totta.
To uncover your intuitive point of view, you can flip a coin - not to make the decision for you, but so you can register your gut reaction to the result. How do you feel when one option drops out? If you are disappointed, ask yourself why.
Tämä vinkki on pysynyt muistissa, mutta olenkohan sitä koskaan käyttänyt?
Answers to many big problems usually are found by asking a few simple questions - as long as they are the RIGHT questions.
Kuullostaa syvälliseltä ja hienolta, mutta onko se sitä?

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