Prokrastinaatiosta, tavoista ja tahdosta

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Procrastination can be defined as putting off what you want most for what you want at the moment. If we continually put off doing high priority tasks by doing low priority tasks instead, we are procrastinating.
Tämä selvä, mutta kääntöpuolella sivua oli vaihtoehtoinen määritelmä.
Procrastination is the intentional and habitual postponement of some important task that should be done now.
Tavoista puheen ollen
A habit: something we do automatically with little, if any, forethought. Something devoid of conscious choice.
Ja koska kertaus on opintojen äiti
How we spend our time is CHOICE - an exercise of our free will.
Tahdon selventämiseksi neuvo
When faced with a particularly difficult or time consuming task, motivate yourself by answering "what's in it for me?", and tying it in with your inner-directed goals instead of externally imposed imperatives. 
Ja prokrastinaatioon tavallaan palaten
The root cause of most avoidance is fear. Fear of failure, success, rejection, anger, embarassement or any negative emotion. 

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